About Catalyst

Our Company

Catalyst is a mentoring company that focuses on lawyers, law firms, and legal professionals.  The goal of Catalyst is simply to transfer the vast knowledge of their principals and their strategic team in such a way that the client becomes in control and moving in a positive forward direction.  Defining a 360 approach to the practice of law and life,  Catalyst is truly ‘an agent that invokes change’ (Webster’s).  

Through its company, Wise Business Leader, Catalyst provides leadership and self-mastery training to all businesses and practices and works with small businesses to give them an edge in today’s competitive environment.

Catalyst has the insight, resources and training to effect a change of thought and actions that leads to a sense of personal and professional achievement.

Cheryl Leone and Dave Favor are the originators of Catalyst Group, Inc. With backgrounds in law firm management and corporate level  business, Cheryl and Dave created a new look at law firms by transforming low performing firms into for profit firms.  By adding the leadership and self-mastery component to the company, they have impacted the daily lives of many lawyers in helping them define who they are and where they want to go.

Cheryl and Dave feel it first has to be about their relationships with their clients who share similar core values. Many law firms have started with Cheryl and Dave`s free back yard porch consultations at their home. Cheryl and Dave have created and surrounded themselves and their clients with a trusted team who are highly qualified in their fields.

Asked one time to sum up what Catalyst does, Cheryl quickly replied `We convert dreams to reality`.